Lansing MI Pest Control: Your Shield Against Unwanted Guests

When pests invade, we’re your first line of defense. Welcome to Lansing MI Pest Control, your trusted partner in the battle against unwanted guests. Lansing, Michigan, with its unique climate and landscape, presents its residents with a diverse range of pest challenges. From tiny, persistent ants to elusive, scurrying rodents, understanding these nuisances is the […]

5 Steps to Keep Wasps Away

Bee Control Lansing

Keep Wasps Away Stinging insects like wasps are great for nature but they can become a huge nuisance when they get close to our homes and threaten our family and pests.  When a wasp stings a person it can cause a painful irritation to the skin or potentially even a sever allergic reaction in some […]

How to treat Lansing Bed Bugs

There is nothing more disconcerting than getting ready for a long peaceful night of sleep and discovering that you have a bed bug problem. No one wants bed bugs inside their home, and once they do come into the home they are very difficult to manage and multiply quickly. A common myth is that bed […]