Keep Wasps Away

Stinging insects like wasps are great for nature but they can become a huge nuisance when they get close to our homes and threaten our family and pests.  When a wasp stings a person it can cause a painful irritation to the skin or potentially even a sever allergic reaction in some people. Here are 5 ways to keep wasps away that we have found beneficial over the years.

  1. Pay attention to the Eaves and Overhangs around your home:
    Wasps are attracted to eaves, overhangs, and outdoor ceilings. Corner spots are favorite places for wasps to built their nest as it is more protected. When wasps decide that they want to form a nest near your home it can be very dangerous for people and pets as they go in and out of the home. Depending on where the nest is built you need to be aware that any human activity may upset the wasp nest.
  2. Be mindful of how you store Weathered Wood:
    Having a store of weathered wood can be a attraction to wasps. Certain species of wasps, such as paper wasps, will use the fiber from wood to build their nests. We recommend that you also cover any weathered wood with a tarp to help keep pests like wasps out of the wood pile. These storage’s of wood are a big attraction to wasps and create the perfect breeding ground for them.
  3.  Insect the Food Supply of Wasps:
    One of the benefits of wasps is that they help to control the populations of insects by eating bugs. However, if wasps determine that your home has a good supply of other bugs they may create a nest. We recommend that you treat your home on a regular pest control program to help reduce or eliminate other pests that wasps may feed on. Having a preventative pest control program is an essential piece in protecting your home and your family.
  4. Keep your Trash tidy:
    Keep a lid on your trash can and ideally inside a garage. Bees and wasps will feast on the trash as a food supply. Also, it is recommended that you rinse and wash out your trash bin on a regular basis to help reduce wasps and other insects that may be attracted.
  5. Regularly attend to Fruit Trees
    Keeping the area around fruit trees clear of fallen fruit can help reduce the amount of wasp activity you see. The sweetness and sugar content of the fruit is what attracts insects and when these are left unattended to it can increase the wasp population.

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